Ray Dillon is a writer and full-production artist who has worked in comic books, games, movies and television for over 20 years. 
Some of his clients include:
Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, Vertigo, IDW, Magnolia Pictures, Borderlands/2k, Ridley Scott/Science Channel, John Carpenter, R.L. Stine, George R.R. Martin/Random House, and HBO/Game of Thrones. 
He has collaborated with his wife, Renae De Liz, as her inker, colorist, and letterer on: 
The Last Unicorn
Anne Rice’s Servant of the Bones
Joe Hill’s Strange Weather
George R.R. Martin's Wildcards
Peter Pan: The Graphic Novel
The Legend of Wonder Woman
However, their best collaboration has been raising their four amazing kids and they would say he's a great big "noob."
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