Ray Dillon is a writer and full production artist who has worked in comic books, games, movies and television for over 20 years. Some of his clients include Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, Vertigo, IDW, Magnolia Pictures, Borderlands/2k, Ridley Scott/Science Channel, John Carpenter, R.L. Stine, George R.R. Martin/Random House, and HBO/Game of Thrones. 
He has collaborated with his wife, Renae De Liz, as her inker, colorist, and letterer on 
The Last Unicorn
Anne Rice’s Servant of the Bones
Joe Hill’s Strange Weather
George R.R. Martin's Wildcards
Peter Pan: The Graphic Novel
The Legend of Wonder Woman
However, their best collaboration has been raising their four amazing kids and they would say he's a great big "noob."
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